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The essay is a short literary form on the borderline of literature and philosophy, capturing the author’s personal point of view. Essays may concern literary criticism, social, philosophical or artistic issues. Since the essay contains the views and thoughts of the author, it is characterized by subjectivism and reflectiveness.

Writing an essay may seem very simple compared to writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, and because of the content of usually several pages and the consideration of one’s own opinion in some topic. However, not everyone has a lightweight pen, hence our offer of assistance in preparing essays on various topics. If, for example, you have to refer to the problems of the European Union in the context of our country’s membership, or write about the motif of love based on Erich Fromm’s philosophy, do not hesitate to ask us for help. After many years of experience, no subject is alien to us.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer. Fill in the simple order form at the top and wait for our editors’ offers. It does not cost anything. Help in writing essays.

Our essays are always there:

Editing essay service

This section deals with essays and papers which you have completed, and require corrections.

We provide assistance by means of correcting spelling mistakes, syntax, punctuation, grammar mistakes and sentence structure. If you wish, we can only point out the mistakes in your paper and propose alternatives, without actually doing the corrections.

Nothing will be changed without your consent; the only thing you have to do is let us know how you want it to be done! This enables you to correct the paper yourself with the help of one of our writers, who will provide you with specific guidelines and will also be responsible for the final review of the document.

Quality of essay service

With the help of our team of high-skilled and reliable writers, magic-essays is constantly striving to provide you with the best quality services. Our specialized quality control team ensures that each and every paper will meet quality standards and, of course, your requirements.

Quality assurance in papers

In case there are any issues regarding the deliverable paper, we will be glad to work with you, without any additional cost, until you are completely satisfied and as long as the improvements or corrections fall within the original context. All our papers are checked for plagiarism by an external company and in case you have any doubts of the paper’s authenticity you can, upon request, receive the corresponding report. If the deliverable paper fails to meet the standards of your institution, you get a full refund.

Work with

In our attempt to expand as a company, we are always looking for active and intelligent young men and women who wish to join our writing team. By working with us you will be able to expand your knowledge in various subjects, improve your essay writing skills and of course be well compensated for your services, depending on your professional experience, availability, education and the complexity of the paper you will be assigned to work on. Our writers are paid once a month after the conclusion of the paper’s writing process. If you have any comment, question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone.


How can I pay?

We send you an invoice, you print it and then you transfer the appropriate amount of money, accompanied by the invoice, to our bank account. Further instructions will be given to you after you have confirmed your order.

Can I pay you in person?

The payment is done only by bank transfer with the corresponding invoice.

I want to make the money transfer after the delivery of the paper

Papers below 400£ are always paid up-front. In case of installments, the deposits are done on the dates specified by the company. If, without notice, an installment is not paid on time, the writing process of your paper stops until you have fulfilled your financial obligations. This will probably move the delivery date. Without the deposit of the advance payment, the writing process will not start .

I sent you an e-mail and I didn’t get a reply

We always reply within two working days. In case you haven’t got a reply within these two days, it’s best that you either resend the mail or that you call us to check if we have indeed received the mail in the first place (this can be due to various reasons, one of them being the misspelling of our mail address or a mail flagged as junk).

I called you but you didn’t reply

Make sure that you call us on working days/hours, listed below.

Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 18:00 pm, (GMT)

I want the paper delivered on Sunday

No paper can be delivered on Saturday or Sunday, since these two are not working days. Your paper will be delivered to you from Monday onwards, depending on our agreement.

I want a ready-made paper, because I have to deliver it in the next few days

We don’t provide ready-made papers. After a paper has been delivered to our client, it is removed from our system. A paper written for a specific client is given to no one else but the client who ordered it and him alone.

Why can’t you provide me with the necessary bibliography?

We have an extensive library and access to most electronic journals, nevertheless is unlikely that we have all the books necessary for your paper -a dissertation for example might require more than 50 books. You can send us necessary books by mail or scan them (on the shipping costs are covered by you) and as soon as we conclude the writing process we will return them to you (the return cost will be covered by us, if the order exceeds 150£, or by you, if the order is below 150£).

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